Lifestyle Massagetherapie & Coaching

Massage therapy

in Noordwijkerhout

Specialized in stress management

Professional massage therapy in Noordwijkerhout

(part of municipality Noordwijk)

Hi! My name is Fieneke Rozema (1980) and I am a licensed massage therapist. I run a modest practice in my home in Noordwijkerhout, centrally located and with sufficient parking facilities nearby.

I speak decent English, although I am somewhat out of practice… My knowledge of German, French and Spanish is dormant, regrettably so. I may however be able to understand you if you speak slowly.

Luckily the body speaks a language for which no words are needed!

For stress relieve and treatment of pain

If you are in need of a professional relaxation massage, Lifestyle Massage Noordwijkerhout is there for you!

If you are suffering from (chronic) pain because of, for instance, muscle tension, trigger points or impaired posture, I may also be able to help.

For my professional expertise I have trained extensively at several institutes in the Netherlands. I have studied massage therapy intensively for three years at Esoterra in Bilthoven, from which I graduated in the summer of 2017. I then attended many one-day and multiple-day courses. I also am a licensed (holistic) lifestyle / professional coach.

These are the massages that you can book at Lifestyle Massage Noordwijkerhout:

  • relaxation massage
  • therapeutic massage to relief (chronic) pain and/or reduce stress complaints
  • combined with triggerpoint therapy (but NO dry needling)
  • cupping therapy (as an additional method, only vacuum cupping)
  • foot massage
  • pregnancy massage & postnatal massage
  • Fieneke is also a licensed Peter HessĀ® Sound Massage Practitioner, a method perfectly suitable for deep relaxation

Rates and reimbursements

If you have Dutch health insurance, massage therapy might even be indicated for partial reimbursement.

Please look at this overview of the rates for the sessions and all health insurance companies that acknowledge Lifestyle Massage Noordwijkerhout as a complementary/alternative medical treatment.


You can reach Fieneke by means of WhatsApp or text message, phone and e-mail. Please leave a voicemail in case I cannot answer (which is often).

Last minute requests are best done through WhatsApp/SMS but are often quite difficult te accommodate.